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Pink Apatite

La Marina Mine, Pauna, Boyacá, Colombia

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Emerald Information

Emeralds have accompanied mankind for hundreds of years and we have always valued them as one of the great color gems along with sapphires and rubies. Because of its history, beauty, incredible tint and especially for what the gem transmits to us, having an Emerald in our hands is definitely a unique experience that captivates us and makes us want to know more. Therefore, we want to know everything we can about this gem. The little-known aspects of its history and past since the discovery of deposits in Colombia with the arrival of Columbus to America, its legend that outlines the roots of the people from Muzos and their great figures Fura and Tena, the appearance of the Parisite in 1845 and much more. We dedicate this section for you to enjoy the green fire gem, the one of good fortune, the May gem, and 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries stone, and of course, the one of eternal love.

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